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  • Top Link Building Tactics for Publishers.

    When it comes to link building publishers have a significant advantage because editorial content, be it hard news or evergreen content, lends itself naturally to linking and sharing. In addition producing quality content on a daily basis creates a steady stream of new opportunities. It is one of the many reasons that content marketing has […]

  • 4 Tips For Successfully Using Your Blog For Marketing

    If you are trying to run a business, then running a blog is an absolute must. Although many people don’t realise this, blogging can be highly beneficial, when it comes to marketing. However, you will only reap the rewards from your blog if you go about it in the right way. Here are four tips […]

  • Long awaited service for bloggers of all levels launching April 22nd, 2013

    1. DO YOU NEED A GREAT BLOG? We are about to launch a new website called Blogican.com with services that a lot of people wanted forever. Do you have a great idea for a blog, but don’t have time or skills to creat one, so it looks top notch? Or, may be, you need to […]

  • Top Blogging Tips That Increase Traffic.

    What blogging tips really count when search engines rank sites on top searches? This is perhaps one of the most significant questions when the hot topic of search engine optimization comes up. With so many sites competing their way on top searches, the need for SEO best practices has always been sought. Many experts and […]