Free RSS Feeds Generator is a complex service which combines several RSS tools.

You will be able to generate news RSS, articles RSS, images RSS, affiliate Amazon RSS, feeds with eBay listings, ClickBank products feeds, RegNow software RSS feeds. Within a minute you can generate relevant niche RSS feeds on any topic from many popular RSS content providers.

All generators are keyword based. It means that by entering a list of keywords you receive feeds with targeted RSS content. This RSS feeds content can be used in RSS readers, websites, blogs, any other third-party RSS widgets or tools.

To start using RSS Feeds Generators please register first. It’s free.

Once you logged in, main menu will help you navigate through the service. Under “Generators” tab you will find the list of all available RSS Feeds Generators:
[list_item]General RSS feeds generator User Manual[/list_item]
[list_item]Amazon RSS feeds generator User Manual[/list_item]
[list_item]Clickbank RSS feeds generator User Manual[/list_item]
[list_item]eBay RSS feeds generator User Manual[/list_item]
[list_item]RegNow RSS feeds generator User Manual[/list_item]
Click User Manual button to read the manual on how to use the tool.

As soon as you generate your RSS feeds they are automatically saved in “My Saves” section which is located in “My Account”“My Saves” menu. You will be able to keep them there and use at any time you want.

Here in “My account” tab you will also find “Personal Info” section where you will be able to set your password and make some default settings for affiliate RSS generators.

Note: since RSS Feeds Generator is a Free service, its functionality is partially limited. You will be able to use only default options of each RSS feeds generator.

To experience the full potential of these RSS feeds generators it is recommended to sign up for all-in-one RSS tools service – RSS Ground.

You will be able to use all RSS feeds generators without any limitations. Moreover, you will have access to all other RSS tools like RSS feed Converters and RSS feed Posters without any limits as well. To see the list of all other available tools, move your mouse over to the “More tools” menu tab.

Once you register here your login credentials will work in the following websites as well:


Each of the services has “Help” menu tab where you will find links to:

Contact us – ask for any help or make your suggestions
Manuals – detailed user manuals and guides
FAQ – knowledgebase with most popular questions, tips and hints
Blog – all latest news and information regarding the service and Internet marketing topic

If you are engaged in content website building or blogging or any other Internet marketing venture this service is right for you!

Just try it and your search for tools like this will end right here, as there is no match.


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