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  • Copywriting For PPC Ads vs Your Content.

    If your job is to create ads and write articles all day, it may be difficult to continue being innovative. You have to constantly write new information about the same topic, putting a fresh spin on it each time. What The People Want Think about what you want to read. What questions have you been […]

  • Content strategy for Christmas and the New Year.

    Whether you’re decking the halls, or trying to pretend it won’t happen this year, Christmas is fast approaching. For marketers of all kinds, it’s a topic that’s impossible to avoid if you want your content to appear timely and relevant to your readers. But if you want to cash in on the Christmas rush, you […]

  • What Images Can Do For You.

    There’s a well-known saying that says, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, an image is also worth a great deal of page visits, conversions, and sales! For this week’s Design article, I’m going to be talking about the importance of images within your site and other aspects of your marketing tools. In today’s […]

  • Find the content in your business.

    As you may well have heard from everyone, content marketing is the new way forward. I find this a preposterous idea, not because I don’t agree that content marketing is the new way forward, but because it has always been the way forward. Content marketing is all about providing quality information and products for your […]