Why Your Website Is Not Making Money

website monetizationLocation, location, location… it’s vital for brick-and-mortar storefronts and online businesses. It takes a lot of online marketing muscle and search engine optimization to ensure your website attracts targeted, qualified customers. If your website isn’t making money despite your best efforts, what can you do?

Jayson DeMers wrote an article for Forbes about what to do if your website isn’t making money. He explains that you may have traffic, but it isn’t converting. Conversion is the second most important part of online marketing—traffic is the first. The two have to work in harmony to result in revenue.

Here are common reasons why your website visitors may not be converting:

  • You’re attracting “window shoppers.” These are people are browsing and have no intention of buying. It could be that they are researching or don’t know exactly what they want. Publish content on your site that appeals to visitors who are ready to buy. With the right content, the traffic you get will be more likely to actually convert.
  • You’re not reaching your target market. The visitors coming to your site may not be in your target market. Rethink your content strategy. Define your ideal customer. If those are not the people visiting your site, find out where are they congregate online and how can you connect with them.
  • Your content isn’t resulting in action. Content needs to contain relevant, useful calls to action so that visitors convert. Research what content works best with your audience. Is it text, video, audio, or infographs? No matter what content you publish, include attention grabbing calls to action.
  • Your website design is not mobile-optimized. A professional website design is a sign that your business is legitimate and trustworthy. Business websites need to have landing pages optimized for desktop monitors and mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. If your site is not optimized for all of these, customers may be trying to convert but simply cannot. For help, see the article, “5 Easy Ways to Mobile Optimize Your Site for Killer Google Rankings.”

Whether you are selling something, building your online presence, or establishing yourself as an authority in your niche, your website should be earning its keep. If it’s not, take the time to figure out a new strategy.

Author: Julia Harris
Courtesy: www.seo-e.com