Top 10 Reasons to Utilize Video Marketing.


1. Conversions: Studies have shown that video can increase lead generation and shopping cart conversions. Videos are great for increasing open and click through rates in email, increasing form completions on PPC landing pages, and increasing conversions on any website.

2. SEO: Video has the ability to drastically impact universal search, and its interactive tendencies result in high click through rates from web pages, which ultimately impacts SEO for the better.

3. Brand Awareness: Video is a great medium for creative, engaging content that in turn lends itself to a higher rate of social sharing, ultimately getting your brand in front of more people.

4. The Demand: The demand for engaging video content is constantly on the rise. Each day, over 100 million Americans watch online video, an increase of 43% since 2010. Even in B2B marketing, according to Forbes Insight, 59% of senior executives prefer to watch a video rather than read text. It’s important to give your consumers what they want.

5. Referral Traffic: Video is a great way to build initial attraction off-site and engage the viewer to visit a specific website.

6. Customer Reassurance: A customer has a higher chance of buying a product after seeing how it works and its uses. Also, there’s a personal interaction that forms between the viewer and the video, which helps to build product trust.

7. Better Education: People learn from video faster than they do from the written word. In fact, the information retained in 1 minute of video is about equivalent to 1.8 million words. Video is one of the best training tools and can be used both internally and externally.

8. Keep Up With the Competition: More than 85% of colleges and universities have a YouTube presence. Over 70% of B2B companies use online video marketing. Your competition is most likely using video. You should too.

9. Customer Retention/Brand Loyalty: Product launch and thought leadership videos are a great way to keep current customers up to date on your latest solutions, and present expert knowledge that positions your company as one of the best the industry has to offer.

10. Engaging, Versatile Content: The demand for engaging content is at an all time high, and compelling, storytelling videos are a great way to offer that to customers and generate ‘buzz’ for your brand.

Author: Abigail Carter

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