How to Do Keyword Research: A 6-Point Checklist.

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Open a landing page on your website. Describe what it offers in three to five words.

If you are able to think of not one, but several dozen different three- to five-word combinations that work equally well to describe your landing page and are not sure which one is the best choice, you’re not alone.

Words have synonyms. “How do I…” and “How to…” are ...

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Finding the SEO Keyword Sweet Spot.

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Every website has a list of Golden Keywords that they’d love to rank #1 across the board for. For instance, I’m sure Search Engine People would love to rank #1 for a keyword like SEO firm. The lifetime potential of that single keyword is enormous! With 201,000 searches a month, a site ranking in the top 1-5 spots could reasonably expect to see a huge surge in traffic. Lets say ...

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