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  • Get Long Last Blog Traffic Tips

    Blog traffic is not driven by new traffic; individuals driven by return clients. Your new traffic is going to be fluidic. One week you might have lots of new visitors, and the following weeks you may have very few at all. Your repeat viewers are the ones who are supposed in order to create up […]

  • WordPress Tweaks To Improve SEO

    I’m a big fan of WordPress, it’s easy and convenient and there are so many options and customizations. The only downside is that many people don’t realize how important the customizations and plugins are. You see, as an “out of the box” tool, it’s not perfect. There are some issues that definitely need to be […]

  • What’s the ROI of Corporate Blogging?

    In a few weeks this business blog will be 9 years old. That’s 3,145 posts overall, of which I have written 2,537 myself. If someone would have suggested to me 9 years ago that I should write 1.2 million words as a key component of my agency’s online marketing strategy, I would have dismissed them […]

  • How to Get More People to Read Your Blog.

    You spend a couple hours a week writing content for you blog, yet no one seems to be reading it. Not only is this not good, but it can be extremely frustrating. You want people to be attracted to your content! More importantly, you want your target market to read your blog. It gives them […]