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  • How to Brainstorm for Profitable Affiliate Niche Ideas

    Figuring out which niche to target is the stumbling point for a lot of wannabe affiliates. As I mentioned in my post on how to research a niche, I’ve stumbled on some of my niches completely by chance – others I found and targeted. If you’re reading this article then you likely didn’t stumble upon […]

  • How to Build an Affiliate Website Google Doesn’t Hate.

    In over a decade of working on websites I’ve see a lot of affiliate websites. Some were good but a lot were very bad. In this post, I’ll share my experiences about what I think Google is looking for and the common traits of things I’ve seen fail. Single Offer Website “You need to build […]

  • How To Become A Super Affiliate: Marketing Tips.

    When a great product pops up in your niche and you want to promote it to sell the most you can – RUN from the typical stuff that everyone does and find unique ways to get the word out. 1. Social If the product you’re promoting is general interest, create content of general interest and […]

  • 5 Tips to Better Manage Your Affiliate Program.

    Most companies have some sort of affiliate program in order to take advantage of what others can offer customers, but it can be tough to manage all of these different partners. You have your own customer service to perfect, your own marketing campaigns to run, and an entire staff to keep in order, so it’s […]