How to use Twitter as a one on one sales tool.

Twitter marketing

A recent visit to a client brought up the question “what is this Twitter thing and how can we use it?” I answered “that’s a big question” and proceeded to talk about a-typical scenarios such as content aggregation, automation and campaign based community management. The conversation went on and we talked about a myriad of things. In the end the client revealed that one portion of their target market, private airline stewardesses, was proving a particularly difficult nut to crack.

I pondered on this for a minute and came up with a simple solution that amazed the client.

1. Visit

2. Click ‘search Twitter bio’s’

3. In the main search box enter ‘private air hostess’

(note: for more targeted searches you can click ‘more options’ and enter a location)

4. Click ‘Do It’

You are now presented with a list of private air hostesses on Twitter. Click on a profile to visit their Twitter page.

Having found over 70 results for the exact target market for this client the question remains “How do we use Twitter for leverage”. The answer, as it always is with social media, is that you need to schmooze the ass out of these targets to turn them into business however, I suggest treading softly at first.

1. Create a personal profile (not business) and make sure it highlights your position in the business and what it offers.

2. Follow all of the targets

3. Monitor the conversations and casually start interacting with the users.

4. Over a few months build up a personal relationship with these targets. Answer their questions but NEVER push your product or service… you haven’t earned it yet.

5. Ask them if its ok to send them samples to get feedback… again no sales at this time. You want to make them feel appreciated (which is genuine)

6. Give them feedback on their feedback and continue joining in on their conversations and be as genuine as you can.

7. Hit them with a proposition.

This technique is also great when performing your blogger outreach for link building.

Give it a try.

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