All You Need To Know About Facebook Ad Statistics

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What Are Facebook Advertising Statistics?

Facebook Advertising Statistics are a good way for you to assess the impact of your Facebook fan page and the Facebook Ads. The statistics are there for you to analyze the performance of your Ads and to provide you a lot more information about the type of people who have liked your product or who have clicked on your Ads. Facebook Ad Statistics provide you with valuable information that can help increase the effectiveness of your Facebook Ad Campaign.

For the Facebook statistics to be activated, you will require a minimum of 30 likes on your fan page. However, if you are using a paid Facebook Ad service, the statistics will be available for you in the Ad Manager page. A lot of information is provided by Facebook in the form of statistics that will help you to fine tune your Facebook Advertising Strategy based on the performance of your current Ad campaign.

What are the different kinds of statistics that Facebook provides for my fan page?

The information provided in Facebook Advertising Statistics page is greatly enough for you to analyse the performance of your Ad campaign. Let us have a look at some of the information that will be provided for your fan page. User data will have the following information

  • Total number of likes
  • Number of fan page views
  • Demographic information of your fans
  • Users active in the last month
  • New likes and unlike
  • New likes per day
  • Media consumption details
  • Sources for likes and Referrers

The following data will be available to you for the interactions page

  • Recent posts
  • Post views per day
  • Page activity per day
  • Post and story feedback per day

What are the different kinds of statistics Facebook will provide for my Ads?

Facebook Advertising Statistics available to you for your Facebook ad campaign is vast and it will give you a complete picture on how your Ad is performing. Some of the details that your Facebook Advertising Statistics will have are

  • Your statistics ID
  • Account ID, Ad campaign ID or Ad group ID
  • Period for which the statistics are generated
  • Total number of times the Ad has been shown on Facebook
  • Total number of clicks
  • No of individuals the Ad was shown to
  • No of individuals who clicked on the Ad
  • The amount of time the Ads were shown

Apart from the above, there will information regarding the social context like the social clicks, social impressions, social time spent, social unique clicks, social unique impressions and social unique time spent.

How to use the Facebook Advertising Statistics

The importance of Facebook Advertising Statistics is not to be overlooked as it provides insight into how your Facebook Ad is performing and if it is working according to the Facebook advertising strategy that is in place. If there is not much information about the way your AD is performing, then you cannot fine-tune the Ad strategy to ensure that it works. With Facebook Advertising Statistics you get a lot more information that you would possibly need. Information about the type of members who were attracted by the Ads will be available to you and that will allow you to fine-tune your Facebook advertising campaign strategy to target those types of members.

Author: Atanu Shaw