5 Video SEO Techniques to Boost Rank and Improve User Experience

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Videos are one of the best ways to generate traffic to your website. Video sites like YouTube have millions of users and the videos are more shareworthy than other forms of content. Most importantly, the search engines tend to favor videos in their search listings, making video SEO a reliable way to bring in targeted traffic. We have found five interesting video SEO techniques you can use to boost rank and improve user experience.

Generating Likes

Generating likes, favorites and comments for your video improves your videos rankings. In order to generate likes, favorites and comments, you need create relevant and quality content. You also need to leverage other marketing channels to promote your video to the target audience. Trying to generate likes and favorites from the video site alone will prove to be a difficult task, especially if you’re in a small niche.

Optimize Your Titles and Descriptions

According to seo experts, the title, description and tags are also important to making sure your video ranks well. You want to insert the keyword in your title but do so in a natural way. The description text should accurate describe what the video is about but make sure you do not overstuff keywords. It’s a good idea to transcribe the video in to readable text. The tags will be used to help users find the video, so use multiple keywords that are about your video topic.

Closed Captions

Closed captions is another great way to add to the user experience and help your rankings. If you click on the CC button on the bottom right, it should bring up text captions. Captions help users understand your video better and also improves your rankings. YouTube can crawl the content in the captions and will often use it determine what your video is about.

Video Quality

Posting HD videos can also give you better results. Some marketers have found that HD videos outranked standard definition videos. You might start getting worried at the bandwidth but you have to remember that you can host your video on YouTube for free. So the next time you promote a video, upload an HD version (720p or 1080p). Users that want to view a clearer video will appreciate the gesture.

Link To Other Videos

YouTube tends to favor videos that link to other videos. You can do this by using annotations to provide links to other related videos. So try linking to your playlist or an additional video that can continue the conversation from the previous video.

Author: Hayley

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