5 Killer Content Marketing Tools

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Got a million dollar idea and you’re not afraid to use it? You might want to consider how you cast your net to receive as much traffic online as possible to sell it. To help you wade through searching in vain for that golden rule, here is a list of marketing tools that can advance your idea to the max.

#1. RankTracker

We’ll start with RankTracker. RankTracker is a viable “buzz word” tool. That means it’s a WordPress plugin that shares with you keywords people use to find your site, and where you’re ranking for those keywords. A description of RankTracker explains more specifically that the program gives you the exact page that is ranking, what long-tail keyword it is ranking for, how many visitors have found you via that search and where in Google you are ranking for it.

To maintain branding, and marketing your product, knowing the best words to excite your buyers, this tool will lead you to that conclusion without laboring scientific research, which saves time and money. It can open your eyes to look at demographics and geographic through a different lens in such a way to court your potential customer base.

While the product has a cost associated with purchasing it, it’s a virtual one-stop shop that can also help to bump up your viewership on YouTube videos by utilizing your own, business buzz words.

#2. Followgen

For the social media novice to the junky, Followgen makes you a follow back business. The site simply asks you to answer basic questions – what’s your target audience talking about on social media – and what is your email address. From there, the journey to your online presence begins. If you’re launching a specific campaign, the site will take you from A to Z, snatching up like-minded, potential customers.

Followgen makes it extremely oriented to personalized social experiences. It’s extremely useful for identifying topical bloggers. Let’s say you’re a tech blogger and you need to do the leg work of researching and identifying your audience. Followgen takes care of that.

In fact, Followgen can be useful for almost any organization with a blog. Take the recovery center, 12 Keys Rehab and check out their blog, which receives thousands of page views and social shares thanks to their social-media savvy infographic campaign. They can use Followgen to not only identify and forge meaningful relationships with similar organizations, but they can reach and help people (based on location) considering recovery. That’s extremely powerful.

The best way to describe Followgen is to recite their statement, “one-to-one social impressions to grow your follower base, start conversations, and drive traffic to your products.”

#3. Bundlr

When time is limited, and you have to absorb more than you can, check out Bundlr. Bundlr collects your top interests for you, while you are running to your next meeting. With a simple touch, you can select items that you want to view at a later time and let Bundlr figure out the rest. Bundlr brower button can clip content while you browse the Internet.

The makers say, “Just press the button to save the content you want, and the meta-data around it, to the bundle you pick. Each bundle has its own public webpage you can share freely (through its link or on social networks) or even embed on any website.”

Your Bundlr can range from photos to articles to breaking news.

#4. CopyBlogger Resources

It’s no surprise that customers are intelligent people who are enamored by content that speaks to them. To that end, CopyBlogger will burn candles at both ends with its multitude of writers to streamline your venture’s mission statement.

Their business is about business, and is no nonsense when working for your growth and exposure.

#5. Powtoon

If you think a camera is an extension of your arm, you might want to visit Powtoon. The creativity lurking the minds of your employees can be brought to life using this resource. And, it’s free, that’s hard to beat.

When you know your audience, and you know how to cultivate your relationships by animating your expressions, this tool can take you to that level. What’s the harm, when it’s free, and resources can be scarce. Undoubtedly, combining one or more of the above mentioned marketing tools, can activate your launch sequence with time and patience, saving you much of both, and money.

Author: Jesse Aaron

Courtesy: www.iseonews.com