How to Get More People to Read Your Blog.

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You spend a couple hours a week writing content for you blog, yet no one seems to be reading it. Not only is this not good, but it can be extremely frustrating. You want people to be attracted to your content! More importantly, you want your target market to read your blog. It gives them information on your company and the services you provide.

FYI: It’s probably not your writing skills

The solution is really a lot easier then you may expect. It could just be the way you are styling your posts that are turning your customers away. This post will tell you some common mistakes that can be the reason for your poor blog stats. Need help getting people to read your blog? Contact IMPACT for more information on how we can help.

Now onto our common problems!

Use Line Breaks to Get More People to Read Your Blog

When most users are on the internet, it’s for a purpose. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why people don’t fully read what they encounter on the web. They skim articles and posts, but only if it really intrigues them will they read your posts. This comes easiest when your posts are broken up into many paragraphs and sections, that make information easier to find. You should only use one idea per paragraph, and limit them to around 4 sentences each. By breaking up your paragraphs, more people will read your blog because it looks much less menacing and overwhelming

You could even use an entire paragraph for one sentence, to get your point across quickly and easily.

Headings Are a Must

When readers are scanning a blog post, A BIG BOLD HEADLINE bound to grab someones eye. By segmenting your posts up into sections separated by headlines, people that read your blog can find what they want easily in your post.

You want to be able to read your headlines and know what the post is going to be about. If you can have someone else write the same post by only having the headlines, it should be pretty easy. If not, you may want to juice up your headlines.

Links Are a Good Thing

You may wonder why providing readers with a way off of your page is a good thing, but its actually extremely beneficial to your credibility. When you have links, you show that you have done your research, and you know what you’re talking about. Plus they make your paragraphs look a bit less menacing.

People that read your blog can be inspired! When you talk about a topic that really hits home for a reader, then they want more. They see your links and read that post about a similar topic. Then they know to go to you whenever they want information! Even if they just use your post for the links, they still will associate your company with good, relevant information.

Blog Readers Always Love a Little BOLD

You can easily highlight important concepts and ideas by making them bold. Again, people that read your blog need guidance. They’re like sheep! Guide them to what you want them to read. Give them good information at a glance. Make sure you don’t highlight too much though! That has no effect at all and you just look like you’re trying too hard.

Now you have the information you need! Get out there and make your blog a hit with these easy fixes.

Author: Dan Baum

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