Understanding Dedicated Web Hosting

dedicated serverThe needs of a large business organization are different from that of a small business. For this reason it is extremely important that before you make a decision on the type of web hosting you are going to chose, first you must understand the very nature and needs of your business organization. Typically there are 3 types of web hosting services; shared web hosting service, dedicated web hosting service and virtual web hosting service. All of these 3 services are quite different from each other and are targeted at a different set of customers.

In this article we will discuss dedicated web hosting service, its requirement, advantages and disadvantages.

Who needs dedicated web hosting service

In a dedicated web hosting service the customer is allotted a fully functional web server for his explicit use. This is in complete contrast to the shared web hosting service where multiple customers share a single web server.

Large scale business organizations that depend hugely on their websites are the primary customers for dedicated web hosting service. Consider the example of Amazon.com. Amazon is one of the largest online retail stores in the world. Every minute thousands of people visit this site and make purchases. Won’t it be worthless to host such a business on a shared web server?


Dedicated web hosting service implies peak performance at all times. Whether the web traffic is low or significantly high, since an entire web server is allocated to the customer, there are usually no lags in the performance. Dedicated web servers are manufactured from high quality material so that they can withstand the extreme work load that they might be subjected to.


Dedicated web hosting is significantly expensive as compared to shared web hosting. However, those who opt for dedicated web hosting rarely think about its cost because they are more concerned with high performance and reliability than associated costs.


The customer is given full access to the machine; hence it is up to the customer to implement the desired security solution. The service providers also provide security solutions but it is up to the customer whether he wants to implement his own security solution or use the one provided by the service provider.

Dedicated web hosting also comes with excellent data backup facilities so in case if the web server crashes, the data can be easily retrieved from the back up

Large business organizations like popular retail stores, banks and insurance companies opt for dedicated web hosting services.


Dedicated web hosting services usually come with unlimited bandwidth. This is in contrast to shared web hosting services which have limited bandwidth and send warning notices to their customers when the bandwidth limit is reached. Any business organization that involves transferring of data in bulk must choose dedicated web hosting service over shared web hosting service. Consider the example of a popular video site that is visited by thousands of people every hour, in this case the amount of bandwidth that is allotted in case of shared web hosting service will get exhausted with an hour in this case.

Author: Brianna Wilson
Courtesy: www.fitcom.co