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  • WordPress Tweaks To Improve SEO

    I’m a big fan of WordPress, it’s easy and convenient and there are so many options and customizations. The only downside is that many people don’t realize how important the customizations and plugins are. You see, as an “out of the box” tool, it’s not perfect. There are some issues that definitely need to be […]

  • Boost your Blog’s Potential in Five Simple Steps

    Blogs are the absolute dream of the modern SEO company. They invite discussion, keep content fresh, spread the word about the business and help SEO efforts enormously all at the same time and for generally little input. However, there will always be those blogs that seem to crawl along at a rather paltry pace while […]

  • Business Blogging Pros, Cons, Best Practices.

    According to a recent NM Incite report, there are over 181 million blogs around the world. The way many companies treat blogs in their content marketing mix is to incorporate blogs into their website as a section or subdomain, or host them on their own domain name as we do. With that kind of popularity, […]

  • How to Be a Great Blogger.

    To many business owners blogging is a task they either cannot be bothered with or do not know how to work into their schedules. As an entrepreneur myself I completely understand most concerns about maintaining a blog because I have, at one time, been in the same position. After all, we are already so busy […]