How to Write an Email for Contacting Advertisers.

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General Guidelines to Write an Effective Email When Getting in Touch with Advertisers.

Undoubtedly, advertising is one of the most effective ways to monetize a blog or website. To find advertisers, many publishers create an ‘Advertise Here’ page on their site, providing all the necessary information that advertisers may need before approaching for their advertising needs. Apart from having the aforementioned page on your site, you can also choose to contact advertisers directly via email. If you are ready to approach advertisers directly (rather than waiting for them to locate your ‘Advertise Here’ page), you should know how to write an effective email.

Given below are four important things that you need to focus on while writing an email for contacting advertisers.

#1. Introduce Yourself

First and foremost, you need to write a few lines about yourself. Most importantly, you should let the advertisers know about your website or blog and the niche that it belongs to. The point is to help the advertiser know quickly what your email is about. So, don’t forget to introduce yourself and your site in a few lines.

#2. Talk About Key Adverting Benefits

Second, your email should explain the key benefits that an advertiser will be entitled to receive as they choose to advertise on your site. This is the part where you should try to attract advertisers telling them how advertising on your site is more beneficial than advertising on other sites. Once you are able to convince the advertisers, you’ll be able to get a good number of advertisements for your site.

#3. Give Essential Details About Your Site

This is, in fact, the most important part as far as advertising on your site is concerned. Before an advertiser chooses to advertise on your site, they will need to know whether your site is really worth the effort.

Some of the very important traffic details include –

The number of visits that your site receives (daily or monthly)

The number of pageviews that your site gets (daily or monthly)

Total number of subscribers that your site has

The type of audience that constitutes the traffic to your site

If you want to include more details, you can also mention the time spent on your site, pageviews per user, the percentage of search traffic and the Alexa traffic ranking of your site among others. All these details will help you arouse the interest of advertisers for advertising on your website or blog.

#4. Mention Advertising Options

Finally, you need to talk about the several advertising options that your site offers. Different advertisers will have different requirements. So, it’s important that you offer a number of advertising options or rates to get as many advertisements for your site as possible.

In your email, you can give details like –

Different locations of advertisements on your site

Maximum number of advertisers that you accept

Size of display or ad banners

Price for advertising in different locations and size

By including all the above mentioned pieces of information, you’ll be able to write an email that attracts advertisers quickly and help them decide whether they are interested in your offer or not. In any case, the length of your email should not exceed beyond three paragraphs. If your email looks like an essay, you’ll only drive advertisers away.

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