5 Video SEO Techniques to Boost Rank and Improve User Experience

SEO techniques

Videos are one of the best ways to generate traffic to your website. Video sites like YouTube have millions of users and the videos are more shareworthy than other forms of content. Most importantly, the search engines tend to favor videos in their search listings, making video SEO a reliable way to bring in targeted traffic. We have found five interesting video SEO techniques you can use to boost rank ...

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How To Set Up a Canonical Tag for your Website [VIDEO]

If you’ve got duplicate page problems, perhaps a canonical tag can solve your problems! Did you know that your pages might be cannibalizing each other in the search results? Help Google determine which pages should be ranking for your most important keywords by using the canonical and meta robots tags.


Hi, I’m Brynna, and today we’re going to talk about the canonical tag. So what is the canonical tag? It’s a little piece of code that ...

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Boost your Blog’s Potential in Five Simple Steps

blogging tips

Blogs are the absolute dream of the modern SEO company. They invite discussion, keep content fresh, spread the word about the business and help SEO efforts enormously all at the same time and for generally little input.

However, there will always be those blogs that seem to crawl along at a rather paltry pace while others rake in the traffic and work wonders for their respective businesses…so why is this?

Well, more often ...

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Free SEO tools you need to know about.

SEO tools

Here is my guide to the free tools available from one of my favourite websites – moz.com

Moz.com is a website I just could not live without. They offer such a huge range of tools, and it would seem that they are making more and more of these free!

Here is my quick guide to some of the tools you can get for free from Moz (formerly SEOmoz) and how you might ...

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3 Core Things You Should Know About Traffic Growth (and Probably Forgot)


If the title above is a bit presumptuous, I hope you’ll forgive me. The truth is, we all forget much more than we learn, and sometimes we need a reminder. Clearly, traffic alone isn’t the only metric that matters, but there’s also no denying that high enough traffic levels will solve almost any problem we as marketers and bloggers face.

If you master the ...

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Top 10 Reasons to Utilize Video Marketing.


1. Conversions: Studies have shown that video can increase lead generation and shopping cart conversions. Videos are great for increasing open and click through rates in email, increasing form completions on PPC landing pages, and increasing conversions on any website.

2. SEO: Video has the ability to drastically impact universal search, and its interactive tendencies result in high click through rates from web pages, which ultimately impacts SEO for the better.

3. Brand ...

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Business Blogging Pros, Cons, Best Practices.


According to a recent NM Incite report, there are over 181 million blogs around the world. The way many companies treat blogs in their content marketing mix is to incorporate blogs into their website as a section or subdomain, or host them on their own domain name as we do.

With that kind of popularity, you would think everyone in business would know what a blog is and would be using them to ...

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Copywriting For PPC Ads vs Your Content.


If your job is to create ads and write articles all day, it may be difficult to continue being innovative. You have to constantly write new information about the same topic, putting a fresh spin on it each time.

What The People Want

Think about what you want to read. What questions have you been asked recently about your industry? What features of your products do your customers care most about? Focus on ...

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Top Link Building Tactics for Publishers.

blog links

When it comes to link building publishers have a significant advantage because editorial content, be it hard news or evergreen content, lends itself naturally to linking and sharing. In addition producing quality content on a daily basis creates a steady stream of new opportunities.

It is one of the many reasons that content marketing has become so popular, as brands in other industries put an emphasis on content development and promotion ...

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How to Do Keyword Research: A 6-Point Checklist.

... to do keyword research,seomoz,long tail keywords,short tail keywords

Open a landing page on your website. Describe what it offers in three to five words.

If you are able to think of not one, but several dozen different three- to five-word combinations that work equally well to describe your landing page and are not sure which one is the best choice, you’re not alone.

Words have synonyms. “How do I…” and “How to…” are ...

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