Month: May 2014

  • 4 Common Copywriting Mistakes Everyone Makes

    I don’t care who you are; everyone makes mistakes in writing copy. Even the professionals who have to look at the copy with a jaundiced eye and tweak things. This is why we have drafts: because perfection seldom happens the first time around. While the list of common copywriting mistakes could probably fill a small […]

  • 20 ways to make money online

    Maybe you’re watching this because you just want a bit of extra income to supplement your existing job, or maybe you want to get rid of your job altogether and replace it with an income source that will give you a bit more time and freedom. Whatever your reason is for picking up this training […]

  • Email Marketing Explained: The Definitive Word on Subject Lines

    Everyone hopes their emails get read. We know that along with having a good relationship with the recipient, writing exceptional subject lines increases the chances our message gets opened in a crowded inbox. And everyone who writes email for sales and marketing purposes has read or heard something about writing the best subject lines … […]